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Accel logoSurface Disinfectant Cleaners
with Accelerated Hydrogen Peroxide® (AHP®)

Accel line of surface disinfectant cleaners with accelerated hydrogen peroxide

Accel Surface Disinfectant Cleaners feature a revolutionary new chemistry to more effectively disinfect and clean, and are designed to be more gentle on people and the surfaces they disinfect every day.

The unique, patented AHP® technology in the Accel product line is combined with a synergistic blend of commonly used, safe ingredients, to create an exceptionally potent disinfectant and superior cleaner that is:

  • A fast and effective hospital-grade disinfecting solution for your hard surfaces: Accel TB RTU formula features a 1 minute contact time against bacteria and *viruses; Accel Concentrate is effective against bacteria, *viruses and fungi 5 minutes.

  • Easier on workers and animals. Accel is designed to be gentle on people, with the lowest EPA Toxicity Rating (Category IV) and HMIS of 0 indicating PPE is not required for routine use. It is also an ideal product for areas which require repeated disinfection each day. Low toxicity plus very low odor make Accel the best choice for use around animals.

  • Easier on equipment and hard surfaces. Designed to be gentle on expensive equipment and hard surfaces, such as carts, trays, vinyls, laminate countertops and tables, telephones, desks, computer keyboards, and more. Accel's ethanol alcohol-free formula does not dry out and crack surfaces with repeated use.

  • Cost saving, from using one product that both cleans and disinfects. Both Accel TB RTU and Accel Concentrate are ethanol alcohol-free, so they dry slowly and achieve pathogen kill before drying, allowing one application to achieve efficacy.

  • Helpful in maintaining compliance by providing broad spectrum disinfection and thorough cleaning in one application.


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