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Half Gallon Red Sharps Container with Rotor Lid


Bracket for Half Gallon Sharps Container



Half Gallon Red Sharps Container from Kendall/Covidien

Rotor Lid Opening Accommodates A Variety of Sharps

  • Temporary and final closure, and locks for final disposal
  • Empty containers nest to save valuable storage space
  • Autoclavable and incinerates clean
  • Lid is designed to limit accidental or intentional access to used sharps, per OSHA regulations
  • Wall mount bracket prevents tipping and assists with OSHA compliance, and stores container off counters, saving counter space
  • Locking feature on bracket provides additional security to prevent hand access or theft of used sharps and drug residue


Item Number Description Size
SRRL100920 Half Gallon Red Sharps w/Red Rotor Lid 4.5"H x 4.75"D x 4.75"W
GLWB100926 Half Gallon Locking Wall Bracket, Chrome