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Econo PPE Kit

Econo PPE Kit



Econo PPE Kit

Comprehensive Personal Protection Supplies in One Convenient Kit

  • Coverage from head to toe, for a variety of uses
  • Features fluid-impervious gown and mask - recommended for porcedures with bodily contact
  • Packaged in an easy-to-use, easy-to-store clear zip bag

Single Use Kit Contains:

  • 1 each Bouffant Head Protector
  • 1 pair Non-Skid Shoe Protectors, universal size
  • 1 each Fluid-Impermeable Mask with Safety Shield┬áto protect from splashes and inhalation of harmful waste
  • 1 each Fluid-Impervious Barrier Gown, with elastic cuffs, waist ties and open back
  • 1 pair Nitrile Gloves, size Large (other sizes available)
Item Number Description Quantity
KIT-EPPE Econo PPE Kit 1 kit/bag