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Safeview Eyewear on Model

Safeview Eyewear Colors

Each frame in package is a different color to help staff identify each person’s eyewear. Colors include red, white, black, yellow, dark green, teal, pink, blue, light green and purple


Kimberly-Clark Safeview Protective Eyewear

Lightweight, Reusable Frames with Disposable Lenses

  • Ideal for labs or any area which may involve splashing or spraying of potentially infectious or harmful fluids
  • Lightweight for added comfort
  • Single-use lenses are always scratch-free
  • Easy to replace lenses
  • Reusable frames are fast and simple to disinfect with a common surface disinfectant wipe
  • Saves space – both frames and lenses are packaged flat and unassembled
  • Meets OSHA Bloodborne Pathogen Standard
  • Optically clear lenses
  • Latex-free
  • One size fits most


Item Number Description Quantity
KSVE02650E Kimberly-Clark Safeview Protective Eyewear, 10 frames and 10 lenses 10 sets/pkg,
5 pkg/cs
KSVG02650L Kimberly-Clark Safeview Replacement Lenses 25 ea/pkg,
10 pkg/cs