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Wedge-It Door Stop Yellow

Diagram of the 3 places on a door where Wedge-It can be used


Wedge-It Door Stops

Safely Holds Almost Any Door Open

  • Holds open almost any self-closing interior or exterior door,
    including metal-framed pivoting glass doors and very large doors
  • Can be used in three different places on door/door frame:
    1. Top of door and door frame (see lower right)
    2. Center door hinge pin (using center notch)
    3. Under door
  • Holds doors open to up to a 90-degree angle
  • Accommodates different distances between door and door
  • Ideal for:
    - Laboratories – quick, safe movement of materials between
    work stations in controlled environments
    - Emergency Services and Fire Services – prevent door closures
    on hose lines, smoke removal and patient removal
    - Medical – helps keep patient IVs and equipment secure during relocation
    - Moving and Delivery – prevent personnel injuries and product
  • Made of heavy-duty Lexan plastic with ribbed construction for added strength
  • Four non-skid polyurethane pads prevent sliding
  • Integral hole designed for carrying or storing on a hook or peg
  • Can fit in a pocket, bag, or kit


Item Number Description Quantity
WIDS26533B Black Wedge-It Door Stop 1 ea/bx
WIDS26511G Green Wedge-It Door Stop 1 ea/bx
WIDS26522A Orange Wedge-It Door Stop 1 ea/bx
WIDS26544Y Yellow Wedge-It Door Stop 1 ea/bx